17 9 / 2012

bee in my bonnet #2

electric guest - troubleman

16 9 / 2012

bee in my bonnet #1

12 12 / 2011

[PLAYLIST] That’s right bitch, Fuck em’ all


Look At Me Now (Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes Cover) - Karmin
Yonkers - Tyler The Creator
Ils sont cools - Orelsan
Niggas in Paris - Jay-Z & Kanye West
Wesh Bagel - Set&match
Stand on the word - Keedz
Gucci Gucci - Kreayshawn
Perfect Stranger - Katy B
Valcheux - Klub Sandwich
Jeune Freestyle feat. Alpha Wann & Joke - Set&match feat. Alpha Wann & Joke
Monsieur Sable - Nekfeu & Alpha Wann
Duck Season - Beatnuts

(Source : 8tracks.com)

08 6 / 2011

the rules of attraction's soundtrack

carol of the bells - tomandandy [end of the world party, last bit]
six different ways - the cure [beginning, walking around happy]
out of the races and on to the tracks - the rapture [the edge of the world party (first bit backwards)]
colours - donovan [morning after, split screen scene when lauren and sean meet]
situation - yaz [freshman’s “od” scene in the car]
sunday girl - blondie [lauren with book, lauren and lara’s discussion]
so alive - love and rockets [sean and paul smoking pot + paul’s fantasy]
pre-saturday night party party - tomandandy [end of the wolrd party(mega-mix), incl. the definitely gay song]
afternoon delight - starland vocal band [sean jacking off]
without you - harry nilsson [cafeteria girl’s suicide]
european vacation - tomandandy (feat. kip pardue) [victor’s european vacation]
the gentleman who fell - milla jovovich [lauren’s good news, victor is back]
snow theater/final steps - tomandandy [sean’s and paul’s rejectment + ending & on motorbike]
stop - erasure [credits]
l’ami caouette - serge gainsbourg [paul’s dress-up scene, fooling around]
faith - george michael [paul and richar-eh, dick’s jumping around on bed]
when i get you alone - thicke [dressed to get screwed party]
rise - public image ltd. [sean’s awakening after unsuccessful suicide + fake suicide]
sei dein eigener held - der wolf [german rap at pre saturday night party party]
grand march from aida - verdi [snow scene(intro credits)/professor’s blowjob
motivational song - andy milburn [rupert’s house]
boogie man boogie - tomandandy [mitch walks off with girl, paul meets sean] lust to love - the gogo’s [tonight’s the night, cocaine snorting scene]
a girl like you - wolfgang press [ride to the drug deal]
52 pick up - ballistic mystic [rupert drug deal & end of the world instrumental at the end of the film]

from this strange post on dvdtalk (dot) com

29 3 / 2011